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Guns of the Dark Lord, Part 1 - The Fix

Here is the first installment of the new video series: The Guns Of The Dark Lord. I am really looking for feedback here in terms of what king of information you are looking for with these, so keep the comments coming.

Naturally, the first one of my guns to be here has to be The Fix. If the world came to the point where I had to keep only one bolt gun, this would be it.

I use it to test a lot of scopes, but the optic that is on it when I am not testing anything is the remarkable Tangent Theta TT315M 3-15x50 that will one day be pried form my cold dead hands.
Choice of bipods is very personal. I happened to have an Atlas when I got the gun, so it has been on it ever since. I have not seen a need to change, but if I find something that works as well, but weighs less, I will.

While sticking with the Atlas, I highly recommend the lockdown lever from Defy Gear. It has really improved the usability of the Atlas bipod for me (they also have a lever for the Magpul bipod, but that is for the next video).

Tangent Theta:
TT315M with Gen3 XR: https://alnk.to/eDKcq3T
TT315M with Gen2 XR: https://alnk.to/cwL6Eie
TT315M with Gen2 MilDot: https://alnk.to/2uzUJNv

Atlas bipod:

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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