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LPVO Value Proposition?

I received a really good question on LPVOs via a private message and I think it is worth digging into a little more in a future livecast. Let me know if this is something you want discussed.
The question itself was rather detailed, which I like, and I will leave the details in a private conversation where they were asked. However, the gyst of it is as follows: "With Low Powered Variable Optics of today, at what price point do you get the most for you money?"
The same question can be asked about prismatic scopes (and I am looking at a whole bunch of them right now trying to answer that) and non-focusing sights (I spent part of the last two years trying to answer that, so I am pretty up to speed there).
Naturally, the discussion gets really complicated by the "Made in China" question. Are you willing to buy a Chinese made product or not?
I take a pretty dim view of Chinese Communist Party, as you may imagine, but I am also a realist and a lot of stuff is made in China. Moreover,...

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Optics OEMs

It is no secret that the vast majority of sporting optics out there are not made by the companies that sell them. They are manufactured by the various OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) out there, predominantly in Asia. For riflescopes that typically means Japan, Phillipines or China, although there are other Asian countries perfectly capable of making them. The only other ones I can think of offhand that either make or used to make riflescopes are South Korea and Taiwan. Several Bushnell scopes are made in Korea and Swift products as well. I do not know if Swift has their own factory or if they use an OEM or if they are the OEM. Taiwan has made a few PU replica scopes in the past. There may be others I am not aware of. I think there is an OEM type company that hails from Taiwan, but they make stuff in China.
Vietnam and Thailand both have lens and camera manufacturing plants, so we could see riflescopes come from there in the future. It is a very similar skill set and ...

Primary Arms GLx 2.5-10x44 w/Griffin Mil reticle First Look

I started looking at this new GLx scope and here is the first glance at the reticle. So far, I like the way this scope is configured. It is sorta unusual configuration wise and one of the things that interests me is how it will stack up to more expensive 10x scopes that have much smaller objectives, for example the new high end 1-10x LPVOs, with different lighting conditions. I have a reasonable idea how it will pan out due to some experiments of distant past, but it is worth revisiting.
This post will remain for supporters only for a few days, until I release it to the wild on Youtube and here.
The specific scope I am talking about is this guy:
It comes with two different reticles: Griffin Mil and Raptor M2. For what I use these types of scopes for, Griffin Mil is the better option.
Note: affiliate link above.

SwampFox Optics will be introducing a bunch of stuff next week. I will have limited availability due to work travel, but I have some idea of what they will be revealing and there should be some interesting stuff there.

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