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Lapua Rimfire Testing and Berger Factory Tour

Through vagaries of my work, I ended up in Phoneix for a brief moment, so I stopped by Nammo's complex in Mesa, AZ to do some ammo testing on my Tikka T1x and take a quick look at the Berger bullet factory.
Today, I am in my office in Texas, so I figured I should jump onto a livecast and tell you a little bit about it.

Post show notes:

Here is the current configuration for the rifle:
Tikka T1X 20" barrel: https://bit.ly/3zi6grq (if it was available when I was looking, I would have bought the 16" barrel version and I still might: https://bit.ly/3EtTEl8)
Area 419 Picatinny rail https://bit.ly/3ClaLU9
Element Nexus 5-20x50 scope https://bit.ly/3lz66qN

What I am going to do with it:
XLR Element 4.0 Chassis: https://xlrindustries.com/products/element-chassis
March 5-42x56 scope with FML-3reticle https://bit.ly/2YZd8xr

There are other accessories you can ad to the rifle: bolt handles, etc, but I am not sure I am hugely interested in those.

Jard makes a very nice trigger for the T1X, but I will give the stock one a shot for a while longer. I do not think the trigger is holding me back.

As far as Berger visit goes, I was impressed with what I saw, but I already use their bullet, s there is no really change to behavior from that. I might try their loaded ammo though. It is probably worth it in components alone.

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