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3x Prismatics: SwampFox Trihawk and Burris RT-3

This is not a true comparison in a sense that these two scopes only look similar on paper. When you put them side by side and look both at them and through them, it is immediately apparent that the fill a very different niche.
On terms of optomechanical quality, they are both quite nice and surprised me a little with how well they do for the money. It is also important that these have adjustable eyepiece (ACOGs and Elcans do not).
The Trihawk is faster on target, partly because of the wider FOV and partly because of a bold and visible reticle. If you do not mind the weight (and it is not really that heavy, until you put it up next to the RT-3), it is a really excellent option. I am about my TriHawk off to a friend of mine, so I am very curious what he thinks. If it has a MRAD reticle, I would have kept it.
Burris RT-3 is really tiny and light. It ended up being quicker in actual use than I expected and the FOV is still quite respectable. It is, for example, wider than the ACOG 3x30 (although eye relief is less flexible) and wider than the discontinued Elcan Spectre OS 3x that was previously my favourite 3x prismatic. I gave one to my brother, so I will do a comparison in not too distant future.
Where I think Burris may have made a mistake is the reticle. They kept the same basic design they have used across many products with a 3mrad diameter horseshoe circle and it is a little small for a fixed power 3x scope. However, the illumination is done pretty nicely and it compensates quite a bit for the reticle being on the small side. Overall, I am really liking the Burris and a big part of it is how tiny the bloody thing is. The reticle has a BDC designed for 5.56 and mrad mark on the horizontal for lead holds. That works quite nicely for me, although I would not mind another reticle option with a larger circle and mrad scale.
In many ways, one of the biggest surprises of the last couple of years for me was how good prismatic scopes from several Chinese OEMs have gotten.
SwampFox Blade 1x and Trihawk3x along with Burris RT-3, PA GLx 2x and
a few others are a testament to that as are some new offerings from other makers. More are coming as well. As much as I like several ACOGs and higher end prismatics, it is increasingly more difficult for me to make a case for them given how good these $300 to $400 options are. Time will tell how durable they are, but so far they are really holding up nicely.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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