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Delta Titanium RF 9x45 LRF Binoculars

I had a problem with sound recording when I made this. Please take a look and tell me if this sounds acceptable.

Edit: video replaced with the version that has better sound. Thank You all for the help!

Final Edit: Delta Optical products in the US are available from EdGun West, Annex Defense and Darn Fine Shot. I suspect you can get this binocular, if you are so inclined, from any of the three, but the only one listing it on their website is Darn Fine Shot.

I am pretty friendly with the guys at EdGun West and Annex Defense. I have only had one interaction with the gentleman at Darn Fine Shot, but it was perfectly pleasant and positive. I kinda like dealing with good people, so these things are important to me.

The bino carrier is the medium size one from Marsupial Gear. There are several good ones out there from all the usual hunting companies. I happened to like this one the most.

General disclaimer: I do not have any sort of an affiliate relationship with any of the companies I listed here.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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