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Live Stream ended
Status update... or two

Today is September 12, 2021.
Yesterday was a day of reminiscing.
Today is a day better suited for planning.

Post show notes:
A couple of things I mentioned that I am working on:
1) Delta Titanium RD 9x45 binocular review will be up shortly. It is going to be added to my list of recommendations. http://darnfineshot.com/deop9xhdrfra.html
2) I am kicking off a test of Crimson Trace's CMR-301 light laser combo. I like what I see so far, but it is early. https://alnk.to/9I85t93
3) Shield Arms magazines for Glock 43x/48. 15rd capacity in a rather tiny gun with 100% reliability so far. https://alnk.to/ge07LkS
4) CTS-1550 keeps on soldiering on. https://alnk.to/2jGggTM

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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